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Ken Cosentino
Writer | Director | Producer

Ken is an award-winning filmmaker and special effects artist from Niagara Falls, NY.  His work encompasses a variety of techniques and methodology, including stop-motion animation and trick photography. As the leader of the White Lions, Ken knows the ins-and-outs, front and back ends of the film industry. He is recognized as one of the original pioneers of the Buffalo-Niagara Film industry. As a director, Ken is known for his “run-and-gun” style of guerrilla filmmaking. In Western New York he is known as a filmmaker who achieves high production value on a shoestring budget. His experience was cultivated by working behind the scenes on a multitude of films, from no-budget to multi-million dollar shows; Ken has worked in virtually every department at one point or another (with the exception of sound), specializing in: production, directing, writing, special effects, editing, stunts and cinematography.  His work is mainly inspired by Stan Winston, Jim Henson and Walt Disney.
       Ken has written, produced, directed, shot and edited five independent feature films: Break The Sky, Crimson: The Motion Picture, Troma’s Dead Inside, Wolf House and Attack of the Killer Shrews! He is the founder of White Lion Studios, LLC and co-founder of Little Sicily Productions with partner James Ventry. He has been featured in Sci-Fi Magazine, interviewed in GQ Magazine for his work with The Asylum, and featured in a cover story for Scream Magazine. His films have aired on National Prime Time television and screened in theaters in Hollywood, CA; Burbank, CA; Buffalo, NY; Niagara Falls, NY; North Tonawanda, NY; Honesdale, PA; Houston, TX; and Torremolinos, Spain. 

Bill Kennedy
Actor | Producer


Known as THE Bill Kennedy among the Lions, Bill is a graduate of THE Ohio State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Born & raised in Niagara Falls, NY,  Bill spent a few years living in California & found himself on every major studio lot in Hollywood gaining valuable insight & experience. He has since returned home to take care of his family & is truly grateful to have found a spot in the Lion's Den to share his passion, creativity, & dedication to his craft right in his hometown. Speaking of his hometown, Bill shocked everyone by running a campaign in 2017 for a seat on the Niagara Falls City Council and WON!! Since his return to Niagara Falls, Bill has taken part in over 20 films including several lead roles & also takes to the stage every year as "Tony" in the hilarious dinner theatre show "Tony & Tina's Wedding"

Originally from Niagara Falls, NY, James Ventry is currently living in Los Angeles, CA. He co-founded Little Sicily Productions with partner Ken Cosentino in 2009. James has a Bachelor's degree from the University at Buffalo where he majored in history. He also has a Master's degree in Secondary Education from Niagara University where he graduated with a 3.9 GPA.  James was a professional boxer and has fought all over the country including Heinz Field, Foxwoods Casino, and Madison Square Garden. His first venture into acting was in a starring role as the insane gangster Tommy Emerson in "Crimson: The Motion Picture". James has had roles in multiple White Lion Studios, LLC productions and looks forward to his growth as an actor and business partner as he learns from all the talented members of The Lion's Den.

James Ventry
Vice President
Actor | Producer

Liz Houlihan.jpg
Elizabeth Houlihan
Chief Creative Officer
Actress | Costumer
WNY Costumes & Props


Born and raised in Buffalo, New York; award-winning actress and costumer Elizabeth Houlihan graduated from Buffalo State College with her Bachelor's in Theater. There she ran the gauntlet of theater production including set and costume construction, and her main concentration was acting. Her favorite role was that of ‘Moss’ in an all-female production of “Glengarry Glen Ross.” Liz also co-taught classes in stage combat and fencing. She began working in a few local film productions until being cast as the lead in the biopic “Through A Mother’s Eyes”. Very soon after she found a home with White Lion Studios, LLC, co-starring in “Wolf House” and “Attack of The Killer Shrews!”. Affectionately known as “The Lioness”, Liz adds to White Lion Studios a myriad of talents from writing, acting, costuming, and custom fabrication. While in college Liz lived in Ireland and has visited England on several occasions. 

Baird Hageman.png

Baird Hageman is a professional stuntman and partner with White Lion Studios, LLC. Baird has over 25 years in the auto body industry, and is known in the film industry as the “go-to-guy” for vehicle stunts in Buffalo, NY. With eight years experience in the film industry as a stunt driver, stunt team member, custom fabricator, production designer, actor and producer; Baird is an indispensable asset to the White Lion team. He is by far the most wild of the White Lions. Baird’s first film, Lloyd Kaufman’s “Return to Class of Nuke ‘Em High”, was quickly followed up with several Hollywood movies once word got around of WNY’s own Steve McQueen. Baird has proven himself as a world class dirt bike racer; winning virtually every local and national title he’s ever competed for (and he has an entire room full of trophies to show for it).

Baird Hageman
Producer | Stuntman
Production Designer
Vehicle Expert
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