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Horror Freak News
"’ll be laughing most of the way through...brilliantly funny...epically bold and hysterical! There’s plenty to heckle in the film, but nothing will give you more pleasure (you’ll be groaning at the ridiculousness) than the five or so different versions of the man-eating shrews.  Sometimes you’ll see people in costume, sometimes you’ll see puppets in play, sometimes (during an attack in a small creek) you’ll see nothing but a furry rug.  But you’ll most enjoy the German Shepherd in costume – portraying one of the giant rodents."
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UK Horror Scene
"There are almost too many delightful things going on on-screen to list...a TON OF LAUGHS...
...a minor MIRACLE OF COMEDY...hilariously bad stop-motion animation..."

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Dark Universe​
"...maniacally silly performances, fountains of blood and intentionally cheesy score.....what the hell did I just watch?"
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Zisi Emporium for B Movies

"The shrews are hilarious looking and are enhanced by the comedic acting of the protagonists.  All the acting is first class and I tip my hat to Ms. Houlihan's portrayal of a 1950's type scream queen."
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Interview with director Ken Cosentino
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